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January 25, 2022

Don’t call it twenty twenty too


Andrew Beaumont

How did you feel when the clocks struck midnight on 31st December?

Were you excited at the thought of the New Year, dreading it, or maybe you didn’t even care?

Whatever your feelings, after the difficulties we’ve faced over the last few months, the New Year brings feelings of fresh starts and renewed motivation… something I think we could all do with a bit of.

Goodbye 2021

My wife Denise and I saw in 2022 in the back garden of our friends’ house, more specifically in ‘The Gin Palace’ – a fully operational bar built in their garden. We were joined by my Mum who was able to travel down from Yorkshire. She should have spent New Year with us last year but got ‘pinged’ by the Test and Trace App between Christmas and New Year so didn’t come.

Last month’s blog talked about all the things we have missed out on, especially all the events that had to be postponed or cancelled, so I suppose I can add a 12-month delay to celebrating New Year with Mum to the list.

New year, same stuff

I’ve never really been someone who does New Years’ Resolutions. Typically, I’m quite irrational at the start of the year and held a firm belief that the year will be determined by the first major event that happens… so if it’s bad, it will be a bad year, and vice versa.

I accept this makes no sense and my wife takes great pleasure in reminding me of the fact. I was proven wrong massively a couple of years back, when at the start of 2019 I was made redundant and then ended the year getting married in The Caribbean.

However, I have started 2022 with a positive belief which is very unlike me. I know I’m going to be fine and I’m looking forward to everything the next 12 months hold.

The future’s bright

Concerts and holidays are back, my business is growing all the time and I’m able to choose which clients to work with and ensure our values align.

My team is continuing to grow, and this month saw the introduction of my second employee, Tom.  

Jess, who joined AJB HR Consultancy back in December 2021, is going from strength to strength. She made her first LinkedIn post recently about the challenges of working with dyslexia. You can read it here if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend that you do.

It’s an incredibly honest post that had me bursting with pride and I have committed to Jess to keep the topic in the spotlight. She was very open about her disability from the outset and that was one of the main reasons I hired her – as well as being great at what she does. She is going to write a blog on the website in February and share more about her journey.

The Times They Are A-Changin'

I think this year will be different. We will find whatever ‘the new normal’ is and will adjust to it.  

We’re well into the first month of 2022 and it’s the perfect time to refocus, strategise and set your goals for the coming year.

Think, as business leaders, do you have a plan for the year? Use what you’ve learned from the year behind you — where did you see success? Where could benefit from some increased focus?

Are you going to let your staff continue to work remotely if they have done throughout the pandemic? If you are, please remember the importance of keeping in touch with them. Work can so often be the only ‘constant’ in peoples’ lives.

I always say that you never know what demons’ people are living with and it is imperative to get to know your staff as individuals.  There will be days in the year that are difficult for your staff for numerous reasons. I will be posting about this on my socials on 28 January (which is one of those days for me).

So, hello 2022. Whatever you may hold. We have got this.

Planning for the year ahead…

There’s plenty of upcoming changes coming in the world of business and HR. If you need support with anything or are unsure how the changes may affect you, do get in touch. I’m just an email ( or a phone call (01788 228608) away!

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