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December 15, 2021

Come Out To The Coast, We'll Get Together, Have A Few Laughs...


Andrew Beaumont

It’s not even a discussion. Of course Die Hard is a Christmas movie. I watch it every year on Christmas Eve and last year started a new tradition of watching it with Basil.

Despite the constant changes of the past few years, this is one thing that is here to stay.

To say it’s been another strange year is an understatement. We’ve faced even more lockdowns, restrictions, and rule changes. In spite of this, there’s still been plenty to be glad for.

In the last twelve months: my business has grown; my team has expanded; I’ve moved into a new office; and I’ve got myself a naughty yet cute co-worker (my dog, Basil).

Businesses have continued to adapt, pivot and thrive, and I’ve seen my clients win awards, improve their culture and develop their businesses… even with the pandemic still wreaking havoc.

I celebrated two years of AJBHRCS and in a very challenging and changeable business environment, I’ve helped so many businesses with employment contracts, furlough agreements, grievance policies, and everything in between.

It might not have been the 2021 we all hoped for, but as the new year approaches it seems like an apt time to look back at the highlights and key lessons learnt along the way.

Music is back – well sort of.

A huge positive of the past year is that live music is back… for the most part.

Anybody who knows me understands how much I enjoy live music and thanks to Covid, I had booked so many gigs which were all understandably postponed.

So this year my bumper list of gigs included seeing Genesis, Simple Minds, Elton John, Pete Tong, and a 'Classic Ibiza' gig. Unfortunately, even after my 18 month wait, I didn’t make it to them all thanks to the virus continuing to show up to the party (nobody wanted pal) and some ill-timed bad weather.

However like they say, distance makes the heart grow stronger, and those shows that I have made it to have given me a deeper appreciation for something I thought I couldn’t love anymore.

AJB HR has grown

In terms of business, I’ve had a lot to be thankful for.

I have been fortunate enough to have constant growth since I launched my business almost three years ago. Back in January my Virtual Assistant, Laura re-joined the team and has been a valuable asset ever since.

Having outsourced as much as possible, AJBHRCS then reached the further milestone of hiring my first employee, Jessica (alongside Basil the dog of course).

With the right team in place I’ve been able to spend more time focussed on my clients, as well as taking on a number of exciting and new opportunities.

For one, I’ve had the pleasure of speaking on stage about the importance of HR and alongside the now usual virtual meetings, I have made the most of the return of in-person networking events.

People are your biggest asset

When it comes to the world of HR, it’s been another tough year.

But if one thing is clear, more than ever, employers need to ensure they finely-balance the business needs and the needs of their staff.

With an ever-increasing need for talent, plus an abundance of open vacancies, we could argue that employees have the upper hand. However, retaining staff is key, especially in these volatile times.

So as I always say, your people are your biggest asset, and they should be treated as such.

And, with Christmas round the corner it’s important to remember this can be the worst time of year for a lot of people. There are many reasons why, such as bereavement, being alone, or being estranged from children - so make sure you’re supporting your employees, friends and family.

You never know what someone else is going through, but it only takes a moment to be considerate.

We may not know what 2022 will hold, for businesses especially, but if 2021 has taught us anything, it’s that people should be our priority. As companies (and as individuals) we should ensure those around us are treated as such.

Are you prepared for the new year?

If you would like a chat about how HR can have a positive impact on your organisation and get a strategy in place for 2022, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I’m here to help.

Just drop me an email ( or pick up the phone (01788 228608) and we can figure out the best plan of action for you.

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