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Human Resource Services:

Discover more about my extensive range of HR services.  I constantly update this page, but if you still can’t find what you’re looking for, please feel free to get in touch with me – I will be more than happy to help.

HR Consultancy

I pride myself on partnering with my clients to understand their business and tailoring my HR solution to their needs.

I work with many sectors, but specialise in supporting estate agents, solicitors, accountants and IFAs.

I do not work traditional hours and am happy to support your business during evenings and weekends.

HR Support

Are your policies and procedures up to date? Do you have conduct issues with an employee and are wondering where to turn for support?  

I can review your current policies, procedures, staff handbooks and contractual documents to ensure that they are current and legally compliant.  

I can attend disciplinary or grievance hearings, providing documentation to support these processes.

HR Training

I can develop and run your HR training requirements, protecting your business from problems escalating into bigger issues.

Upskilling managers to give them an early awareness of employee issues is crucial.  

I can provide training for absence and performance management, grievance and disciplinary issues, mental health awareness and preparing for difficult conversations.

FREE initial consultation

My initial consultation is free so apart from your time, what have you got to lose? Pick up the phone or message me and lets discuss how we can work together.

Get In Touch
Andrew Beaumont HR Consultant

Andrew Beaumont

What does working with me look like?

I build a bespoke relationship with my clients to ensure that I understand their business and tailor my service provision to meet their needs.

I strongly believe that your people are your biggest assets and if they are fairly, but not necessarily equally, treated then they will generate the returns you are looking for.

With my strong corporate and commercial background, I will provide you with advice and guidance that is direct and to the point. If you are looking for 'pink and fluffy' then I'm not the HR partner for you. I've set up and run HR departments from scratch and now my focus is on removing my clients' pain around HR issues.

Why me?

I am passionate about HR and delivering a bespoke service to my clients.

I was a successful people manager before I moved into HR. I've seen people management done well (and not so well). If your managers are making mistakes, chances are I've seen them before (and maybe even made them).

Bespoke HR Solutions

I have a very diverse client base but specialise in supporting estate agents, solicitors, accountants and IFA's. I work on either an ad-hoc or retained basis but don't have long term contracts or reams of terms and conditions.


I tailor my pricing to your needs and offer both 'retained' and 'pay as you go' models.  I have no hidden fees or extra charges and will not commence work until you are completely happy with the price quoted. Additionally, my first consultation is completely free.

It can sometimes be difficult to find the time during the day to focus on employee issues.  I do not work traditional hours and are happy to support your business during evenings and weekends.

HR isn't just there for the nasty things in life. If implemented correctly, it can and will add value to your organisation. If HR is effective, your business is protected. You don't need a policy for everything but those that you do need should be straight forward and to the point. If I don't think you require it, I won't write it.  Ultimately, my business is based around the idea that 'your people are your biggest asset'


I found Andrew to be extremely helpful with all HR matters. He always made time to offer advice and support in a considerate and caring manner. Andrew's a very likeable character, which makes him extremely approachable. He's a hard working individual that would fit into any team environment and bring much value and personality to any business.

Katy Andic
Katy Andic

Andrew is extremely professional and has an excellent knowledge of all things HR.  When I had a difficult situation with one of our employees, he was able to advise me very quickly on the correct procedure and provided all the paperwork I required.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him.

Juliette Crossin
Juliette Crossin

An excellent service oriented business with very personable skills. Clearly an in-depth knowledge of process, law and all aspects of HR

 Craig Garrod
Craig Garrod

I worked with Andrew on a wide variety of complex and sensitive cases. His knowledge, understanding, planning and organisational skills, attention to detail against policy and procedure, coupled with his ability to listen, understand and challenge, made him a highly effective and results driven Field Specialist and I thoroughly enjoyed working with him.

Lianne Dawson
Lianne Dawson

I worked with Andrew for over 4 years, at a time of great change for our business. I found him to be a caring individual, empathetic yet professional in dealing with personal issues. Andrew cared about our business and always did his best for his employer, while addressing the needs of our staff.

Lee Dutton
Lee Dutton

Andrew was a pleasure to work with, through what was a very difficult period at Misco. His commitment to seeing through his obligations, whilst also ensuring compliance was second to none. Andrew acted as a true HR subject matter expert, assisting with all elements of the role, supporting and managing the HR UK business function.

Martin Lewis
Martin Lewis

Andrew has been provided HR support to Maison Estates Ltd since our launch 7 years ago. Due to his expertise, professionalism and patience we have referred his services to our associates who have been equally satisfied with his personal service; he has always been on call at short notice and offers value for money.

Sanjay Panchal
Sanjay Panchal

Andrew is a fantastic HR professional and incredibly knowledgeable about his subject area. If anyone is looking for HR advice for their business then Andrew is the man to go to - as his headline suggests he will give you straight up, no nonsense advice

Zoe Wongsam
Zoe Wongsam

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